Establish the Community Connector Program in Your Rural Community

A program to attract great health professionals to rural towns, help them settle in, connect with the community, and encourage them to stay

Program Summary

The FREE course was developed for rural health and social care businesses and rural leaders and other organisations to help them decide if the Community Connector Program is a good fit for their community and, if it is, providing step-by step guidance on how to implement this evidenced-informed and proven rural health and social care workforce strengthening solution.  

Establish the Community Connector Program in your community

 The Community Connector Program is a FREE 3-module program facilitated by Dr Cath Cosgrave 


The resources in this module will teach you about the Community Connector Program solution and help you decide if it’s a good fit for your community. It concludes with a Readiness Checklist.


This module is a step-by-step guide to establishing the management and funding arrangements necessary to successfully implement the Community Connector Program. It includes case studies explaining different approaches taken by rural communities .


This module will support newly appointed Community Connectors to achieve impactful health workforce outcomes and Management Committees to develop their first Workplan.

Program Curriculum

Dr Cath Cosgrave

Dr Cath Cosgrave is a social scientist with internationally recognised expertise in the field of strengthening rural health workforce, in particular her innovative 'Attract Connect Stay Framework’. Dr Cosgrave also has 30+ years of rural community development experience. Dr Cosgrave works as a researcher, evaluator, management consultant, and coach/facilitator.

Dr Cosgrave is passionate about addressing rural access inequities and resourcing challenges and supporting rural communities to become thriving and sustainable places to live and work. She believes that effective rural solutions must be place-based and has extensive experience working in partnership with health services, local councils, and community-based organisations in developing evidenced-informed, community-engaged, strength-based solutions. She calls home Bellingen— a small rural town located in Northern NSW on Gumbaynngirr country. Dr Cosgrave is known for her practical approach and warm and easy-going style.

You can connect with Dr Cosgrave on Linkedin If you want to know more about how Cath Cosgrave Consulting can help your rural community address a core local problem please feel free to contact Dr Cosgrave directly.

Karen Munster

Health Workforce Recruiter Connector 
Attract Connect Stay — Glen Innes inc.

What a day it was 18 months ago when Dr Cath Cosgrave came to town to pitch the Attract Connect Stay model to Glen Innes. Progressing through the READY SET GO stages has enabled us to tailor the model to suit our town. The stages are easy to follow and stepped us through everything we needed to know to establish our Community Connector position. This has resulted in this great outcome for Glen Innes. The first, with many more to come! I am so grateful to be part of Attract Connect Stay - Glen Innes and our wonderful Glen Innes community.

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